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Hi we’re SIAChain!

SIAChain is a distributed ledger infrastructure built by SIA to develop innovative Blockchain applications based on Distributed Ledger Technology. SIAChain makes a series of business applications available to communities of registered, approved members (financial institutions, corporates, or public administration bodies) in which transparency, confidentiality, and security are guaranteed as shared rules. SIA formed a strategic partnership with R3 to develop the SIAChain network using Corda Enterprise in order for customers to run dApps specifically designed for financial institutions.

SIAChain is the infrastructure used to develop innovative blockchain applications, rather than being a blockchain itself. Its private network of 570 supernodes are deployed across Europe, with each representing a SIA customer - Banks, Central Banks, Stock Exchanges, etc. Supernodes are hardware appliances deployed on SIA customers’ premises - or, if requested, hosted on SIA Private Cloud, which runs different blockchain nodes such as Corda, Hyperledger, and permissioned versions of Ethereum in parallel, with multiple dApps, allowing each customer to join or create Business Networks, each one solving a particular use case.

SIA, in partnership with Colt Technology Services (acquired in August 2015 by Fidelity Investments - one of the largest asset managers in the world with $2.46 trillion assets under management), has won a ten year tender commissioned by the European Central Bank for the provisioning of connectivity services allowing European central and commercial banks, central depositories, automated clearing houses, and other PSPs to connect directly to Eurosystem market infrastructures through a single access interface (Eurosystem Single Market Infrastructure Gateway - ESMIG). In June 2019, SIA partnered with UK-based tech company Quant Network to explore blockchain interoperability and the creation of agnostic cross-platform applications and services for banks and financial institutions.

Key objective

SIAchain is at the heart of the strategic partnership between SIA and R3 aimed at speeding up the global development and adoption of blockchain applications.

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The private blockchain for financial institutions, corporates and the public administration

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