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Blockchain-based Data Exchange Platform

Ireland, Dublin
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Hi we’re Piprate!

Piprate is a blockchain-based data exchange platform for the insurance industry, enabling the secure transfer of data between parties. Our secure data transfer protocol uses cutting-edge blockchain and cryptographic technologies to make data exchange more secure and efficient. Piprate solves the insurance industry's fundamental data sharing problems. Our blockchain-backed data wallets offer a more secure and efficient means of sharing data among actors in the re/ insurance industry. We create trust, accountability and transparency; and contribute to cyber security and regulatory compliance efforts.
The Piprate tech stack is enterprise grade, combining cutting-edge blockchain technology with the most robust security and encryption measures on the market. Serving an ecosystem of insurance data products and applications, Piprate is supported by a distributed data sharing layer and a unique data model perfectly suited for distributed applications.

Key objective

To re-establish trust, accountability and transparency in data everywhere.

Slogan / Motto

Trust, accountability and transparency for insurance data sharing

Use cases

Claims Management
Data Management
Identity Management & Verification


Team members

Stan Nazarenko Chief Executive Officer


Stan is an experienced technology leader in the areas of reinsurance, quantitative finance & risk management. His key specialty lies in building high-performance R&D teams with the capacity to tackle the most challenging problems by employing a balanced combination of conventional high-quality engineering and innovative, cutting edge technologies.

After completing a degree in applied maths, he started his career building software for satellite manufacturing. While working with embedded technologies he learned there are situations when one can only have a limited number of attempts to solve a problem, sometimes only one. The ability to make the right decision in such circumstances has undoubtedly been useful in other aspects of life.

His mathematical background made it very natural that he chose finance as his next industry to master. Stan spent ten years in Ireland working for a leading European investment management house and building a wide variety of solutions from traditional risk management tools to sophisticated portfolio construction platforms and stochastic ALM.

He needed a new challenge. New industry, new technology and the best team to learn from. Joining RenRe was an obvious choice and opportunity. It was the right step forward. The learning curve was steep and the amount of in-house talent - intimidating. They worked on some very ambitious projects together, sometimes on par and sometimes well ahead of the industry. Stan found gaining trust and respect from the leading professionals to be one of the most rewarding aspects of his tenure.

In May 2017 he co-founded Piprate, an Irish insurtech startup that solves the insurance industry's fundamental data sharing problems in a way that creates trust, accountability and transparency. The platform allows brokers, carriers, reinsurers and other market participants to interact with each other directly, and seamlessly connect internal data with industry databases and innovative providers of insurance insights and analytics.