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Hi we’re Omega One!

Omega One, developed by ConsenSys, is a decentralized, automated trade execution platform that trades across the world's crypto exchanges, shielding its members from counterparty risk and reducing the costs of trading.

Key objective

Omega One team has built trading platforms with trillions traded across multiple asset classes, and are working alongside policymakers and regulators to build the foundation upon which the future financial system will be built.

Slogan / Motto

Institutional trading without market impact. Better execution & prices than listed exchanges.

Use cases

Liquidity Management


Team members

Joe Sanchis Chief Commercial Officer


Technology entrepreneur, financial executive, fintech advisor, and capital market investor. Recognized as "Innovator of Systematic Virality" by CIO Magazine. Speaker at Ascendant Summit, CMO Summit, Growth Marketing Conference, TedX etc. Member of Forbes Finance Council and EIR at Bootstrap Labs. Interest in marketing technology, fintech, digital assets, capital markets, and consciousness.

Gary C. Glass Chief Technology Officer


+Leadership and technical expertise
+Establishment of product development processes and organizational infrastructure
+Creation of technical product specifications.
+Hiring and managing the technical product development team.
+Establishment of critical vendor relationships including contract negotiations.
+Investor and strategic partner outreach and relationship development
+Strategic Advisor to the CEO
+GTM Strategy
+Develop AR, VR, and 3D live market data and technical analysis visualization tools

Alex Gordon-Brander Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


Alex is one of the world’s leading designers of trading platforms, with a patent on the MarketAxess bond trading platform ($2trn traded to date). He managed portfolio construction applications and wrote the specifications for algorithmic trading at Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund. He’s been designing alternative currency systems and financial markets since before the Bitcoin white paper.

He was previously Chief Business Architect at ConsenSys, a blockchain venture production studio that is disrupting multiple verticals using Ethereum, responsible for overall design of systemized management processes. Prior to that, Alex founded Intentional Investments (II), a financial technology startup that allows investors to optimize the social and environmental impacts of their portfolios with their financial risk and return goals. At II, Alex developed the proprietary "Omega" framework for measuring and optimizing impact.

Prior to joining II, Alex spent 5 years at Bridgewater Associates, one of the largest hedge funds in the world, where he managed all portfolio construction applications, then wrote the specifications and functional architecture for the rebuild of Bridgewater's algorithmic trading platform. He was one of only 2 product/tech employees at Bridgewater to pass the rigorous internal investment certification.

Prior to Bridgewater, he co-patented the list trading platform at MarketAxess, the engine of growth for that company's $4bn market cap, managed the CDO analytical platforms at S&P during the financial crisis, designed a carbon market ratings platform, co-founded a renewable energy company, and worked on the largest Basel Market Risk project in Europe.

He received his M.A. (Mathematics and Law) from the University of Cambridge, the SIE(Dip) from the Securities Institute in London, and has the GARP Financial Risk Manager designation.

Kaitlin Archambault Chief Brand Officer & Chief of Staff


Kaitlin Archambault is a designer, creative director and communications strategist interested in the social impact of visual communications. With experience in communications design, new media, and the nonprofit sector, in 2013 Kaitlin founded Incendiary Designs, a Brooklyn-based design & communications studio that has gone on to work with nonprofits, startups, and corporate clients on 5 continents. Kaitlin believes in a multimedia design process that is both iterative and forward-thinking. In 2015, she piloted Spark, a design education program for startups & nonprofits.

Before founding Incendiary, Kaitlin managed communications for The Futuro Media Group, producers of Latino USA on NPR and America By The Numbers on PBS (and went on to rebrand them both!) She holds a BFA in Illustration and a BA in Anthropology with honors from the University of Connecticut, as well as certificates in Building Restoration and Traditional Painting Techniques and Conservation Issues from the International Institute for Restoration and Preservation Studies in San Gemini, Italy. Drawing from a background of feminism and social theory, Kaitlin is involved in public art and community organizing in New York and beyond. She is an actively exhibiting visual artist and has taught public art, screen-printing and zine-making workshops across the northeast. When not making or designing things, she enjoys hiking and powerlifting. She lives in Brooklyn with her big white dog named Osito and pet tarantula Artemisia.


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