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A bitcoin and ethereum token exchange.

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Hi we’re Gatecoin!

Founded in 2013 by investment bankers, Gatecoin is a bitcoin and ethereum token exchange designed for both professional traders and retail investors. Through our intuitive trading platform, we enable individuals and institutions around the world to trade and invest in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets. Gatecoin has been an early supporter of bitcoin inspired technologies, as the first exchange in the world to list ethereum’s token, ether (ETH) in August 2015. We were subsequently the first exchange to list ERC20 standard tokens associated with decentralized applications (dapps) built on top of ethereum and the first to provide direct participation in token generation events (TGEs) or initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Key objective

To ensure that all of our clients can withdraw the funds they held on our exchange prior to the hot wallet breach. This means all of our efforts are focused on fund raising to redeem the stolen ETH deposits and ensuring the security of our withdrawal platform.

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Your Gateway To Decentralized Applications

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Team members

Brad* Chief Operating Officer


Having held multiple c-level positions across a variety of financial technology, private equity, and research firms. Brad has more than 20+ years experience in the region, and has advised governments, startups and some of the worlds largest banks. He most recently led one of the worlds largest financial technology companies, overseeing business and strategy across 36 emerging markets

Mick Chief Financial Officer


With more than 20+ years experience in Equities funds management & Accounting. Michael is a Chartered Financial Analyst and was previously a Portfolio Manager overseeing a multi-billion USD Asset Management firms in both Australia & Hong Kong

Mirco Bauer Chief Technical Officer


Mirco is an autodidact from Hamburg, Germany with 15+ years of experience in finance, starting his professional IT carrier back in 2001. Since then he worked and advised many SME companies for making the most out of IT with tailored solutions for their business needs.

His work is heavy open-source based which unlock customizations, independency and IT growth for companies through automation. Mirco is an open-source developer in his spare time contributing to projects such as PHP, Debian and GNOME. He also serves the .NET Foundation as an advisory council member and the GNOME Foundation as a contributing member.

Aurélien Menant Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Aurélien started his career as an investment banker, working on M&A and financing deals for major global CIBs in Europe and Hong Kong. Aurélien received a BSc in Engineering from UPMC, Paris VI and a MSc in Management from EM Lyon Business School. He is a well known member of the bitcoin community and regularly speaks at conferences and events. He is also a founding member of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong.

William Piquard Managing Director Europe


Prior to joining Gatecoin, William was a strategy consultant in Paris. He holds a MSc degree from HEC Paris Business School and a CEMS MSc degree in International Management.

Andrey Leskov Chief Technical Officer


Creating great products for business needs with result-oriented management, star team, and bleeding-edge technologies. Expert and leader with strong management and development background, experienced with startup and enterprise models.



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Digital Currency Exchange Gatecoin Offline After Loss of Funds

Hong Kong-based digital currency exchange Gatecoin has reportedly experienced a hack, resulting in losses from its connected wallets.

5 years ago