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Hi we’re Constellation!

Constellation is a distributed network that enables scalable solutions for organizations that need to process and transfer data securely and build interoperability for connected sensors and devices.

Key objective

To build a technological world where truth is apparent, power is fairly distributed and reputation matters.

Slogan / Motto

Providing an enterprise software solution for data provenance and integrity at scale.


Team members

Benjamin Jorgensen Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder


With over 10 years of business development experience, most notably being a two time founder and entrepreneur, my career focus has been to apply my anthropological perspective to building businesses, establishing strong strategic relationships, and creating new revenue streams. My emphasis on emotional intelligence (EQ) and thinking analytically has enabled innovation and growth in unprecedented ways for Fortune 500 brands and across industries such as advertising and media.

As founder and CEO of Klick Push,Inc for three years, I established myself as a sales driven leader with a keen attention to product, processes, and people. My EQ perspective has forged a differentiated path as a “big picture” and analytical thinker, thought leader, and entrepreneur. As a result, I have created a large network of venture capital firms, investors across the country, strategic partnerships, and key executives across various industries.

Key accomplishments:

• Drove exponential revenue growth at RadiumOne as part of the core team going from series A to Series B rounds of funding and 8 digit revenue run-rate in one year.

• Founded and grew the ad tech company Klick Push, Inc and captured the attention of a $50 Billion dollar industry by being awarded 2014’s Ad Tech NYC: Best Emerging Ad Tech Company.

• Structured exclusive deals within the music industry (Sony Entertainment, Ingrooves Fontana, and The Orchard) which resulted in the seamless use of digital music across digital advertising for Fortune 1000 brand campaigns.

• Increased advertising campaign conversions that leveraged Klick Push’s technology across companies like Zappos, Live Nation, Coca­Cola, Svedka Vodka, LivingSocial, and Cricket Wireless.

• Developed channels partner programs and integration partners across advertising technology companies (Dstillery) and marketing technology companies (Oracle, SailThru, Silverpop) and developer tool companies.

• Led Klick Push,Inc to to a multi­million dollar exit in 2015.

Wyatt Meldman-Floch Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer

Altif Brown Co-Founder & Chief Communications Officer


I am diversely experienced in high growth startups and my focus, thus far, has been on leveraging multi-channel customer interaction in ways that fuel product optimization and brand unity.

Brendan Playford Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder


Building a Stealth Fin-tech platform for 4 billion un/underserved adults globally. Partner at The Bureau, a blockchain focused incubator based in San Francisco. Specialist in, data science, formal cryptoeconomics, novel distributed systems, blockchain architecture, and consumer centric design.



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