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United Kingdom, London
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Hi we’re ChainThat!

ChainThat aims to transform insurance markets using blockchain, distributed ledger technology and smart contracts. The solutions of ChainThat cover placing, contract management, facilities, accounting and settlement and claims agreement, all utilizing industry standards such as ACORD.

Key objective

To leverage Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and smart contracts to cut frictional costs, boosting combined operating ratios.

Slogan / Motto

Delivering real transformational business efficiency

Use cases

Blockchain Development Platform
Enterprise Service


Team members

David Edwards Founder & CEO at ChainThat Limited

Arun Balakrishnan Board Of Directors at ChainThat Limited

Rick Huckstep Strategic Adviser at ChainThat Limited

Richard Walsh Co Founder and Delivery Lead


Richard has over 25 years’ experience formulating and delivering organization-wide IT and business change. After starting out on HSBC’s graduate program he has remained hands-on technical on a career progression through programming, analysis, project and program delivery and senior management roles in a range of global insurers and insurance service providers. He has a detailed knowledge and deep experience of all aspects of solution delivery and operational support for insurance solutions in the reinsurance, commercial & specialty, SME and personal lines domains.

David Edwards Chief Executive Officer and Founder


David has proven his industry-leading experience repeatedly during his work with large enterprises and start-ups alike over the past 20 years. His wide-ranging technical skill spanning the provision of high-level architecture design & strategy down to detailed, low-level technical solutions. He has been working with architecting Blockchain and smart contracts based solutions for (re)insurance since 2014 and is skilled across a multitude of Blockchain platforms and technologies.

Praveen Nagpal Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder


Praveen has over 16 years of experience in complex software design, development and delivery across insurance. He has deep hands-on technical development skills and experience in a wide range of platforms, technologies and languages spanning all major DBMS, application servers, integration platforms, enterprise content management systems, business process management and business intelligence technologies. His technical skills on Blockchain technology include Smart Contracts construction & orchestration, Distributed Ledger management, and peer to peer messaging.

Vikas Acharya Chief Operating Officer


Vikas is an experienced technologist with 14+ years of rich experience designing, developing and selling technology focused solutions in diverse industry settings such as financial services, insurance and telecoms. He has a nice blend of experience of both software development and technology strategy in the insurance sector. He has a Masters in Computer Science from Birla Institute of Technology (India) and Executive MBA from the University of Cambridge (UK). He is professionally certified on ITIL and TOGAF foundations.

Brendan Raggett Chief Financial Officer


Brendan brings a wealth of Director level experience across a variety of business sectors. In recent years, he has focussed on rapidly growing SME’s and start ups in the technology world. A proven finance professional with an exemplary track record over 25 years, it takes a lot to surprise him. But he relishes the challenges that come along. Bringing sound judgment and leadership, he thrives on finding solutions, exploring opportunities and supporting innovation, for businesses seeking growth or transformation.

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