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Internet of Things (IoT) · Data & Analytics · Privacy & Cyber Security
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Chain of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) · Data & Analytics · Privacy & Cyber Security

IoT Hardware Infrastructure Platform

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Hi we’re Chain of Things!

Chain of Things is developing Maru - an integrated blockchain and IoT hardware solution to solve IoT's issues with identity, security, and interoperability. It is leveraging the nexus between blockchain and IoT to deploy industrial, environmental, and humanitarian related solutions.

Key objective

The missions: Mission 1: Save IoT. Bitcoin is (thus far) 16 billion dollars of un-hackable money on the internet. Based on an open system that is 'permission-less' to the world, as such, it is also naturally interoperable. CoT will investigate whether the core technology behind bitcoin, blockchain/distributed ledger technology, can provide a more secure and interoperable fabric for the future of IoT. Mission 2: Find the best use-cases for blockchain IoT combined. CoT is to investigate the best possible use-cases where blockchain and IoT combined can offer significant benefits to industry, governments, individuals. One such area may be data security or data markets controlled and monitored by immutable smart contract code or the standardization public data using blockchain.

Slogan / Motto

Advancing Innovation in Blockchain & IoT.

Use cases

Analytics & Research
Data Management
Security Services
Identity Management & Verification
Hardware Infrastructure


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