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A Blockchain Personalized Home Insurance

United Kingdom, London
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Hi we’re Buzzvault!

Buzzvault is a secure and private digital asset vault built on the blockchain which makes it effortless for customers to digitally catalogue and securely store details of their possessions. Their mobile app enables customers to build a secure, digital inventory of their home contents with one of buzzvault's certified video surveyors. They can then view an accurate, verified record of all their belongings and obtain a valuation of what they own. This information can be updated with receipts and warranties as new items are acquired, ensuring the total value of the contents data remains truly reflective of current market worth. Customers can choose to receive a tailored home insurance quote based on their secure contents data, removing the need for lengthy form filling or guesswork. As such it will vastly reduce the risk of underinsurance whilst promising a smooth and swift claims experience.
Buzzvault has secured the backing of Munich Re Digital Partners for launch mid-year with UK household insurance. Their current distribution channel Buzzmove has been up and running since 2013. They work with over 350 removal company partners and helped an average of 1,900 customers move home in 2017.

Key objective

empower consumers through their own buzzvault

Slogan / Motto

Home insurance built around you

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Claims Management
Data Management


Team members

Becky Downing Chief Executive Officer


In 2015, Becky was recognized as ‘One of the 200 Most Influential People in Tech (UK) - 2015’ by TechCity Insider. In 2016, Becky won the WCIT Emerging Entrepreneur Award and won a silver Stevie Award (women in small business category). Prior to founding buzzmove, She worked as a commercial litigation lawyer at top City law firms.