Particl Copay (Android)

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Particl Copay (Android)




The Copay wallet has a convenient payment proposal flow that supports multi-signature addresses and batch processing. Particl users now have a secure, mobile wallet that supports prices in 150 currencies and has HD wallet backups. Particl Foundation has been using this app to pay team members and partners and it has also been a time-saving tool with our PART distributions every Wednesday.

Particl Copay Wallet Features
- Multiple wallet creation and management in-app
- Intuitive, multisignature security for personal or shared wallets
- Easy spending proposal flow for shared wallets and group payments
- BIP32 Hierarchical deterministic (HD) address generation and wallet backups
- Device-based security: all private keys are stored locally, not in the cloud
- Synchronous access across all major mobile and desktop platforms
- Payment protocol (BIP70-BIP73) support: easily-identifiable payment requests and verifiable, secure bitcoin payments
- Mnemonic (BIP39) support for wallet backups
- Paper wallet sweep support (BIP38)
- Hardware wallet support (Trezor and Ledger) (future integration)
- Multiple languages supported


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