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Crypto App is a Vertcoin project. The box takes care of all the hard parts about Cryptocurrency, lightning transactions or on-chain transactions and abstracts it all into a simple user interface controlled via your phone. It turns out to be pretty similar to the fiat banking/card payment system we all know and love today, but with crypto.

Every part to this system is widely available, and can be assembled by the user. It also creates business opportunities for businesses who want to assemble and sell their own 'Crypto Boxes' and 'Crypto Terminals'. This system forms the basis for payment system infrastructure that can scale & match the current UX of the fiat payment system. This system also acts as a full node / lightning node, so it ensures as many people as possible are running full nodes and also enforces crypto transfer best practices. Users are always in control of their private keys at all times. This system runs on the LIT Lightning Network. Hybrid Terminals that accept both Fiat and Crypto style payments are also feasible, the possibilities are in your hands.


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