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Square Says It Has No Plans to Change Bitcoin Buying Strategy

The Jack Dorsey-led digital payments company says Bitcoin will remain part of its investment strategy, despite earlier reports.

11 minutes ago

As Bitcoin price staggers, ‘whale’ wallets may be becoming an endangered species

The number of whale wallets is down 16% since February.

11 minutes ago

Crypto currently is comparable to the early days of cell phones, Coinbase President says

Crypto needs to be more user-friendly, according to Emilie Choi.

32 minutes ago

Capture the industry? Token IPOs aim for $200T global capital market

Security token issuers say the STO market needs greater liquidity to make a significant dent in the $200-trillion global capital market.

an hour ago

What is Proof of Stake? How it Differs From Proof of Work

Proof of stake is a consensus protocol that locks up crypto to secure the network. It's less energy-intensive than Bitcoin's proof of work mechanism.

an hour ago

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